1. jean in shadows, rome, 2012

  2. Construction walkway at dusk, San Francisco 2013. 

  3. Lone woman on the corner. 2013

    My editors at the union tribune would discourage me from taking photographs of peoples backs. I can see why as there is no story to tell. Sometimes I feel like someones back can be mysterious and intriguing. I have a picture of her looking back at me, and honestly I feel like it detracts.  

  4. Empty storefront on Market Street. 

  5. Light rail MUNI passes through the intersection of Church and Market St. in San Francisco at dusk. 

  6. night, nice. france 2012

  7. barcelona, skyline. 2012

  8. nice, france. 2012. copyright Carolyne Corelis

  9. shadow wall nice, france.  2012

  10. love valley, under the california oaks, 2013